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Step 2: Register your Oral-B electric toothbrush or irrigator to extend the product warranty for an extra year

Based on your type number your brush should be one of the following:

    Please note your handle color and/or accessories may be different than the ones shown above.

    You qualify for a warranty extension if your purchase date is within 24 months of your product registration date.Please ensure that you keep your receipt as proof of purchase for the warranty extension to be valid.

    receipt image with date of purchase indicated

    You are registering as a user of Oral-B for which Procter & Gamble is the data controller. By signing up, you acknowledge:

    Personal Data Consent form
    [For ‘Online’ activities]

    Referring to the warranty extension held by or on behalf of Procter & Gamble Trading (Thailand) Ltd. (“Company”) for the purpose of providing participants with a 1 year extension of warranty on their electric toothbrushes or irrigators.

    By providing the aforesaid activities, Company is required to collect, consolidate, use, or disclose my personal information including but not limited to photograph and any other relevant personal document which may link to my personal information including but not limited to name, surname, contract address, contact number, social media account, etc. for the aforementioned purposes. This shall include but not limited to the purposes of data processing on customers habit for promoting and advertising of the products of the Company and its affiliates and for any other reasonable purposes to achieve the aforesaid objectives.

    The collected personal information may be shared and/or transmitted to any other related/partner companies which relating to data processing, activities arrangement, and/or data collection/retention under the Company name, including but not limited to its affiliate companies reside outside Thailand. Whilst the Company required the said third parties to meet the data security standard to prevent unauthorized usage/non-related purpose/disclosure of the personal data.

    Company will keep and collect your collection data for 10 years upon the date / month of the particular Promotion Activity has been finished/ done. Or, 30 days from the date of consent has been withdrawal by myself. Upon that, the data will then be deleted, destroyed, destruction or made anonymous by the proper way that meets international standard. Please find ourP&G Global ConsuerPrivacy Policy for further information. The policy shall be applied only applicable under Thai law.

    I have read this policy and any other terms and condition thoroughly before given my consent. This policy shall be legitimated and effective upon the consent given. If I am not agreed to provide the consent according to aforesaid policy, Company may ask me to withdraw/hold my consent and opt-out from the activities enrollment.

    This privacy policy may subject to change/update from time to time. I have my own right to come and check on the change of the policy regularly to ensure that I have understand the Company latest policy. In the case that I decided to retain my personal information, it deemed that I have accepted and agreed on the Company current and the update policies.

    I understand that I have right to access and request the copy of my personal information which the Company have collected. I have right to file a complaint or to request the Company to suspend or delete/destroy such given personal information which such suspension or deletion could affect my rights and obligations. In this regard, I understand that revoked/deleted such consent may reflect to my rights and/or my qualifications to enjoy the benefits of the aforesaid activities.

    If you do not want to disclose and further involving in the events anymore, you may inform your intension at company during business day (Mon-Fri between 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. except government holiday).

    In the case that the activity is involved any service providers such as Shopee Lazada Facebook etc. Such service providers may collect your personal information which shall be compliance to their Consumer Privacy Policy which the Company does not involve in such process.

    I confirm that I am fully 20 years old at the time of this consent given and I have read thoroughly, understand all of statement and willingly to opt-in and acceptance the statement above.